"We look forward to Kim's next session with us."

Max came to us as a one year old and was gun trained. Alas, having lived in outdoor kennels, he had some behavioural issues, that included an inability to walk on a lead in urban areas, and propensity to run away in public places like parks. Max, as lovely as he was, was scared of his own shadow. Kim helped us quickly establish a routine that saw Max able to walk at heel on a lead and enjoy the run of our local parks.

"Kim really has such an understanding of dogs it didn't take her 5 minutes to sum up Sam’s issues, she knew exactly what was
needed to turn him in to a well behaved fella. I'm so glad I met Kim, she has turned our lives round."

Over the last 30 years I have had 5 Border Collies, I knew how quick and keen they were to learn and thought life would be just grand with Sam, my 2 year old rescue. However, he was so scared of everything. Walking him was a nightmare as he pulled me all over the place and pounced at anyone he was not sure of and, being a big Collie, he looked quite menacing which frighten people. Sam also growled at all my friends when they visited and all of a sudden tried to bite any other dog that came near him. I really did wonder what I had done and began to think Sam was too much for me.

Then a friend introduced me to Kim who trained dogs and seemed to have a special relationship and understanding of them. I must admit to being sceptical that we could change Sam as I had lived with Collies for so many years and had no problems before. I did wonder if there was something wrong with Sam that could not be fixed. I couldn't have been more wrong!!! Kim was amazing. It was me that was trained not Sam. She explained why he did what he did and how I could change his life and mine for the better. It was one of the most interesting days I have ever spent. Sam is now calm, does not pull me around or snap at people. My friends are happy to visit me again and can now make a fuss of Sam.

"Kim provides excellent service and we have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone having need for caring, expert help in resolving problems with their dog."

We have litter brother and sister Flatcoated Retrievers and had great difficulty training them following an accident when they were only 15 weeks old. Purdey broke her kneecap and had to be caged while it healed. They were then kept in separate but adjacent pens for another three months to avoid the risk of further injury. We were wondering whether they would ever be able to play safely together when we met Kim. She was great and we have been very impressed by her calm, reasoned approach to resolving our problems.

"I'm always singing Kim's praises. We are really delighted with how Jasmine has turned out".

We recently took Jas to the beach and, thanks to our work with Kim, she behaved superbly. She no longer chases cyclists, horses or other dogs. She was off lead for 90% of the time and was good fun to be with. She's still daft and drank far too much seawater so was a bit sick but had a great time.

"Coco, our rescue boxer, is deaf. It has been several months since Kim came to see us and Coco has really settled well."

No more climbing onto cabinets and scratching doors and he can now be left for quite a few hours without getting stressed and destructive. Kim’s helpful advice went a long way to putting us on the right track and Coco really is a different dog to the one we brought home all those months ago.

“Kim is truly amazing with her understanding and professional approach to dogs”

We rescued our staffie cross and once we brought her home we showered her with all the love and attention she deserved. We were taking her on long walks (or should I say she was taking us) the pulling on lead was extremely difficult to deal with. On meeting other dogs, with some she was very good but with others she was domineering. It was all getting too much for us and we knew we needed help. Kim came highly recommended.

She firstly visited us at home to assess our problems. Within a very short time she was able to explain what and how we should be dealing with our problems. Our dog had taken the role of pack leader and this, of course, had to all change. The way Kim, with kindness and understanding, has changed what was becoming stressful and totally transformed not only us but our dog. It is an ongoing process which we are happy to continue. We cannot and never will be able to thank Kim enough for all she has done for us. She has totally opened our eyes to our dog’s needs and the structure needed for us all to be happy. We love our dog more than ever as she improves week by week!

"Thank you so much Kim for all your help, even if you made it look so easy!"

A rescue volunteer collected Max (our black Laborador) from his previous family, who sadly could no longer keep him. It was a long car journey and probably one which was very distressing for him.

When Max came through the door we all fell in love with him immediately and he settled in really well. The big problem we had was Max wouldn't get into the car. We tried everything, treats, meat, getting in the boot ourselves and trying to pick him up (which he wouldn't let us do)!! We even tried walking him to the car daily and opening the boot and the doors to have a sniff, but he would back away if we asked him to get in.

We tried training with Max but that didn't help. So, after five long months of walking him to the nearest park, day in and day out, (I was getting bored so he must of been too!) I found Kim on the internet. She came to see us and from the moment she walked in the door I was so shocked with the difference in Max!! We took him for a walk round the block to relax him (he was brilliant on the lead) and we tried Kim’s car first, after a couple of attempts he was in and out of her car, I couldn't believe it!! Then we tried my car and he was in!! (making me look rather silly) lol! I had to take a picture and send it to friends and family as it was always something we laughed about. I have to say that day I was on a roll and he got better and better. We only had two blips at the start but we managed to get him through it and he goes everywhere in the car without a problem now. He is coming to Cornwall with us in a couple of weeks for his first family holiday and we can't wait!

"Thank you so much Kim!!"

Finn is now such a good boy! He will run and do his hunting but now always comes back and checks to see where I am. I don't panic anymore and really enjoy my walks.


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